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New shingle roofs and roof replacements

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Shingle roofs should be replaced roughly every 15 to 20 years, depending on the type of shingles and the area you live in. Weather elements, age, and shingle quality all play into how long your shingles last.

If you think your shingle roof might need replaced but aren’t sure, we’re here to help you troubleshoot. Below are some signs that indicate your shingles are damaged or wearing out and need replaced. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, help is only a call away.

Curling shingles

Shingles curling up at the edges indicate damage, whether from weather, age, or human error. As they get worse, the lifted edges allow moisture to reach the underlayment of your roof, putting your structure at risk.

Missing granules

Granules are the outer most layer of asphalt and architectural shingles, providing not just color, but also protection from the elements, like UV rays. As shingles age or get damaged, they can lose their granules. If you notice sand-like granules in your gutters or your shingles are loosing color, you should be getting your roof checked.

Collecting moss

At best, moss on your shingles is annoying as it distorts the color and appearance. At worst, wide-spread moss can damage the integrity of your shingles, especially if it grows underneath. In the early stages, moss can be removed, but there comes a point at which a moss-covered shingle roof must be replaced.

Our Shingles

Our primary source for buying new shingles is Owens Corning. Their Duration brand shingles are a top choice among 9 out of 10 roofing contractors. With their SureNail technology these shingles provide top-notch durability and storm resilience. Their shingles have been tested to resist winds at up to 130 MPH.

If you’re looking for a new, state of the art shingle roof that looks great, will last a long time, and has competitive warranty options, at Deerfield Roofing Pros we have the experience and connections required to ensure you have complete peace of mind with your new shingle roof.

From safe and minimal damage tear-offs and clean-ups with our Equiptor shingle buggy, to professional installation of top-grade shingles, Deerfield Roofing Pros is looking forward to serving you!

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