If you’re looking for a top quality metal roof with even greater durability and appeal than exposed-fastener metal roofs, then Standing Seam is a great option. At Deerfield Roofing Pros, we offer top quality installation of Standing Seam roofs.

Increased Weather-tightness

There are two fastening systems in metal roof installation: Exposed and concealed fasteners. Standard metal roof systems use exposed fasteners, with screws being installed on the outside of the metal panels.

Standing Seam uses a concealed fastening system, which means the panels are attached to the substrate using concealed clips and fasteners. The screws do not penetrate the metal roofing panel, eliminating thousands of screw holes in the panels that could potentially leak.

Lifespan of Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing is a long-term investment, often referred to as a “Lifetime Roof”, meaning it can last you a lifetime. Standing Seam metal roofs can last from 40-70 years.

Standing seam holds up excellently under harsh weather conditions, even windstorms up to 140 MPH. It will not collapse under its own weight even in a snowstorm, making it a great option for low-pitch roofs.

Curb Appeal

Standing seam metal roofing can transform the look of any residential or commercial building and create instant curb appeal. Its wide rib spacing, and the fact that there are no screws showing give it a modern, clean, and sleek look. It’s no wonder standing seam is often called the best looking metal roof panel.

If you are thinking of choosing standing seam metal for your Deerfield roof, don’t hesitate to contact us at Deerfield Roofing Pros.

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