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Different Types of Metal Roofing

You may be surprised to know that there are many different kinds of metal roofing: different gauges, finishes, and different styles. Below is a brief description of types to choose from.

Metal Roofing Gauges

Gauge determines the thickness of your metal. Most metal roofing comes in 29 and 26 gauge, the latter being thicker and heavier. While there isn’t much difference in appearance, heavier metal provides higher durability against harsh weather elements like high winds, snow, or hail.

While 26-gauge metal will always outperform 29-gauge, there is a cost difference, with 26-gauge costing roughy 10-15% more than the thinner gauge. Doing the math, that means on a roof costing $10,000, you would save roughly $1,000 if you buy 29-gauge.

Metal Roof Finishes

Metal roofing allows you to choose from two basic finishes: Smooth and Textured colors. Smooth Color has a glossier finish, while Textured Color is more like a matte, eliminating glare.

With 18 colors to choose from in Smooth Color finish and 15 in Textured Color, you’ll be sure to find the perfect color to match the rest of your building.

Metal Roofing Rib Styles

“Ribs” in metal roofing refers to the ridges spaced throughout the panels. Based on the design, these ribs vary in style and spacing. For example, in Pro Rib metal, panels will always have their ribs spaced at 9 inch increments on 36″ wide panels, while Standing Seam will be spaced at 12 inches on 24 inch wide panels.

Standard metal roofing comes in two basic rib profiles: Parallel Rib (also known as Pro Rib) versus Elite Rib.

Elite Rib Panel profile was built to bring a dynamite combination of visual beauty, style, and affordability.  With its 12” rib spacing, it gives the look and feel of Standing Seam roofing but is substantially cheaper

Parallel Rib is the standard and more affordable design option and remains the top choice for buyers. In addition to different thickness and color options, you can also choose among several different fastener grades for even greater durability.

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